Sky OLED brings daylight to your office

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Sky OLED brings daylight to your office

The following review is based on our own experience by using an LG Sky lamp in our office. Opinions will differ as we know which is why we would like to encourage you to posting your own review. You can use the comment section under the product as well as the commentary field below this blog entry. So let’s get started then.

The first thing you see when the postman delivers the Sky is the outer packaging. We think it is a highly functional and stylish box and as such appropriate for the presentation of the lamp. What is more important is that it keeps the panel save from damage during transportation; we still recall the cracked panels shipped to us recently that were damaged by unsuitable packaging.

What comes out of the box is pretty much plug & play, plugging the Sky into the mains is about the only bit of assembly required. Once placed into position, switching on the lamp can be a little puzzling if you haven’t bothered reading the instructions (like us) but it is actually quite simple and straightforward. The switch is placed in the middle of the base and a slight touch is enough to light up the Sky. There are 3 dimming stages and the 4th touch will switch it off again. It might also be worth mentioning that it is really only faint touch required – excessive pressing or hammering with one or several fingers will not have any additional switching benefit – quite the opposite rather.

Sky Desk Lamp
Sky Desk Lamp

So how fit for purpose is the Sky then? It is often said that a cold white is recommended for a working environment. That may be the case but we found no negative impact from the warm 2700K of the lamp. Worth mentioning is the excellent colour rendering, especially when it comes to red, yellow or orange surfaces. The OLED light makes those colours in particular appear a lot more natural compared to what our old desktop lamp could deliver – there the red always looked quite pale. That feature might not be the most important factor when selecting a desktop lamp but for a representative environment in a lobby for instance, colour rendering can be a distinguishing factor.

Sky Desk Lamp

Another often raised criticism on OLEDs is brightness, or rather the lack of it. In this particular case however, we found that the Sky was absolutely bright enough on dimming stage 3 for reading a contract and other paperwork stuff, working on the notebook is fine at stage 1-2. Once it turned dark, we switched all the main lights off and tried a video on the notebook. There, Sky could really perform as an ambient background light on stage 1. The delivered light was soft and without glare, much the opposite of its predecessor with traditional lighting technology that was totally unfit for that purpose.

Summary: The ultra-thin lighting panel surrounded by a stylish design makes the Sky a perfect representative piece – it will add value and style to your lobby or your bosses desktop. Worth mentioning is also that the Sky is by far the cheapest OLED lamp of its class on the market. So if you are looking for something special, better hurry up and get one.


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