OLED Design - BICH by ACT Studio

ACT Studio

BICH derived from the Korean word for light and follows a simple idea: Combine OLED as the light source of the future with an established light fitting that is prevalent in almost every home. The concept is not just to simply reproduce the traditional light bulb but to create a completely new OLED based lighting solution that still uses the established lamp sockets. The design therefore offers the option of having a futuristic OLED lamp retrofitted to existing wall fittings. In order to incorporate the OLEDs into a shape, the ideas of Japanese origami art were applied. Panels used are the 140x140mm OLEDs by LG Display in two options: 2 OLEDs providing appr. 400lm and 6 OLEDs with about 600lm in total. For the sockets, the two standard sizes E14 and E27 were applied.

The OLEDs are supported by an either heat welded or hand sewn copper frame providing stability and flexibility to the construction. Between the panels, we use Tyvek type 10 as main material that offers excellent heat and tear resistance and looks very similar to paper. At the same time, it is waterproof and very easy to clean. The origami itself allows adjusting the light direction and brightness by folding the various sheets to the desired position.

If you are interested in incorporating this fascinating design into a commercial product, please contact us at shop@organic-lights.com.

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