OLED Design - Dynamicube II von Giorgio Traverso

Giorgio Traverso

The Dynamicube II table lamp by Italian designer Giorgio Traverso (http://www.gtad.it) is an illuminated cube (15x15 cm) that can be de- and reconstructed in many positions.
The project takes inspiration from the geometry of the cube and its simple structure. The shape of the lamp can be completely revolutionized in a few simple movements: the outer surfaces of the cube all become inner surfaces and vice versa. The lamp creates a paradox: when the bright faces are turned towards the interior it creates a lantern effect that does not really exist. As a matter of fact, there is no light bulb or light source at the center of the object: it's the structure of the cube itself that creates the light seen from outside.
Dynamicube II is made of four square and four triangular surfaces. The four square faces of the cube are OLED panels (with an extra option to add four further OLED triangular panels): the OLED are on both the external and internal faces of the cube. The structure is made with Wood-Skin® technology. Dynamicube II can be controlled remotely by WiFi through a sophisticated web interface that goes beyond the usual App. It has two innovative skills: the lamp can activate its own WiFi net which can be linked to a client such as PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone. Alternatively, it can also connect to an already existing WiFi and be controlled by other devices in the same network or via the internet. The second skill, also very innovative, is that it is not necessary to download an App in order to control the lamp. Dynamicube II is available online with a very sophisticated website. Using dynamic pages, HTML-5 and Ajax technology, the lamp can be controlled remotely using a browser. The lamp can be turned on and dimmed via the extremely intuitive control page of Dynamicube II.

If you are interested in incorporating this fascinating design into a commercial product, please contact us atshop@organic-lights.com.

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