OLED Design - Fom OLEDs


Made of simple materials, the 12° portable lamp combines an intelligent multifunctional fabric envelope with the brilliance of OLED light. The integration of the utilisable packaging and the OLED panel that it carries is pivotal to this exciting lighting concept; minimising waste and promoting the eco-friendly technology that is at the heart of the design. It’s thin, flat shape means it is easily assembled and transported, and the felt envelope itself, as well as protecting the OLED panel, absorbs vibration. The envelope can be easily folded to an elegant angle of 12° which supports the OLED panel without the need for any further packaging or waste. The 12° is also eminently portable, with the OLED panel conveniently fitting into the envelope, just like a letter, making it perfect for the modern on-the-go lifestyle. The size 15cm*21cm perfectly match is akin to smartphones, tablets and books and can be easily stowed in your favourite bag. If you are interested in incorporating this fascinating design into a commercial product, please contact us at shop@organic-lights.com.

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