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The design impresses with its minimalist language and the classy combination of function and aesthetics. Through its use of high quality materials and the latest OLED technology, produces an elegant, yet minimalistic product.

The core of the idea is a patented basic module, the "Y". Two OLEDs are pushed out along a surrounding case using a sliding mechanism. The light unfolds in a magical and fascinating way. Due to the different tilt angles of the luminous surfaces, the direction, effect and intensity of the light can be individually adjusted. Here the flatness of the OLED is elegantly used to its best advantage. Both OLEDs are hinged together and mounted on a guiding rail. There is a removable cover at the back that allows the replacement of the OLEDs. The housing is made of black piano lacquer coated, aluminum. However, other surfaces and materials are possible, such as brushed aluminum, matt chrome or even precious wood.

The "Y" can be used as a desk lamp or as a wall lamp. A horizontal bar further extends the "Y" to allow use as a ceiling light; the "AYA". Along horizontal suspension, three lighting modules are lined up side by side. If "AYA" is attached to a vertical rod in a stand, it becomes "GAYA", the floor lamp. The three light modules can be freely rotated around the axis of the rod, and can be independently operated. Through intelligent height arrangement of the three modules the light can be distributed flexibly.

If you are interested in incorporating this fascinating design into a commercial product, please contact us at shop@organic-lights.com.

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