OLED Design - I-OLED by Andrei Nejur

Andrei Nejur

Wireless charging has the potential to revolutionize the way we build our future living spaces. Designer Andrei Nejur (http://n2arh.ro) applies the concept to interior lighting and demonstrates the potential of the technology in conjunction with OLEDs as light source. The design is quite straightforward by adding a wireless charging mash to the wall. The connection of the OLEDs is simply done by Velcro with the main benefit of having total freedom of how and where to place the light. Also, it will add the option of frequently change the position and location of the light source without electrical installation simply by placing the OLED at another spot on the wall – quite a new concept considering that most of our light sources are static due to the wiring of the electrical mains. The usage of OLEDs further opens the options for flexible room decoration with shapes of varying numbers of panels. I-OLED does not only apply a new light source to your interior but also transform the way artificial light is used.

If you are interested in incorporating this fascinating design into a commercial product, please contact us atshop@organic-lights.com.

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